jeudi 13 septembre 2007

Dan is miraculously saved from flames of the fire on the concession. While Lucas going looked his mother at the airport, he crosses Brooke who comes back from California. Brooke and Lucas have a discussion about a possible story, they agree for not exclusive relation. Lucas often recent a pain has the chest. He does not take these medicine to remedy has his problem’s of heart. Lucas and Peyton crossed their summer together. Peyton often have emails of her biological mother telling to want to meet her. Lucas teaches her that her biological mother is to back has tree hill. Peyton is in cold with Haley, she wants it to her to have left Nathan.

mercredi 12 septembre 2007

My Introduction

I chose this TV program because for me it represents well my generation. I love particularly the personality of every character because they represent well the current young people.The avantures which live these characters is tres relevant because she could arrive has whoever! It is teenagers who are in the cegep and who live tests of all sort. For me thisTV program is a shape of prevention because it shows us has which point our movements reflect our personality This broadcast learns us of advantage on the errors which does not need to make because we are aware of consequences which it can engender.

The persons head teacher are Lucas and Nathan Scott .They plays everything them two the basketball for their college and frequent the same friends. In this TV program, there are several minor characters. Every character plays an essential role in the story. These persons are also important as Nathan and Lucas because they occuped an important place in the history.

Lucas and Nathan Scott are completely different. They have however two things in common: they share the same father (Dan Scott) and the same passion for the basketball. While Nathan lives in the wealth and the popularity, being a part of the team of basketball of the secondary school, Lucas lives simply in the shade only with his mother.